Just Desserts

You naughty boy, what have you done? I only left you a minute, The  trifle that I've made for tea, you've put your paws right in it, you've got cream on your whiskers, jelly on your nose, and I do believe thats custard, squished in between your toes! ~ You naughty cat, why did you do … Continue reading Just Desserts

A Runaway Success

So on Monday "Mcfee and Me" ran away to sea to recharge our batteries and rid ourselves of the stench of the city. We arrived in west Cowes On the Isle Of Wight, and as the weather was perfect decided on a short leisurely walk along to Gurnard beach. A description of which can be … Continue reading A Runaway Success

Train of thought

Don't look at the time the sheets are rucked and damp I'm a carcass a hot sticky unpleasant carcass don't check the time turn over and go back to sleep am I hungry maybe it's nearly morning beach tomorrow a nice day out but only if I can sleep now this pillow is so hot … Continue reading Train of thought

Owed to my Mother

Remembering last Mothers Day before I had a clue, of what this awful past 12 months had in store for you, I greedily took for granted that you'd always be there, dishing out large quantities of your special love and care. Didn't see the fear behind your eyes or the truth behind those guilty lies, … Continue reading Owed to my Mother


That jaw dropping agghh!!! moment when you unwittingly catch sight of your own lumpy, middle aged thighs, through the lens, when you open the Snapchat app!

Who wants to live forever

It's not a crime if it doesn't rhyme And maybe this makes me a philistine But I like MY poems to have some flow I like to hear where the words will go The words when spoken may sometimes merge Because I get this frantic urge A bubbling babbling verbal surge I write it down … Continue reading Who wants to live forever

Who’s she?

The pitter pat of tiny feet? Oh no I'm done with that, I'm a different kind of mummy now, my baby is a cat!

“The cat”

Sometimes "the cat" deliberately sits on the things I want to use (currently the remote control) I'm sure it's not just coincidental.  Maybe he's trying to save me from myself. Ok I admit, Jeremy Kyle on catch up Tv would really be plumbing the depths, but does he have to look so smug? 

A video of my short story https://youtu.be/JmtjG-Lk7Kc

The Bermuda Triangle (spoken word)

The Bermuda Triangle

A look of horror crossed Mcfees face. I swear I've made him hate the place,

Audible review – Afraid

Sky's life falls further apart when her mother becomes ill and the police become involved, Skye in desperation turns to Jade who luckily offers a place for her troubled friend to stay.

Outdoors in

We went in for plants and meatballs and we left with plants and meatballs and a jar of their lingonberry jam. I'm thinking it will be a delicious addition to our homemade yogurt