It felt like more than dejavu that instant that I first saw you.
An echo of a tragedy,
Replaying in my memory?
Or a fast forward of yet to be that some third eye was showing me!
Either or,
It wasn’t long, until my hearts internal song, matched with yours
Beat for beat.
We’d both been swept right off our feet, beginning a journey as yet unknown.
And no longer stumbling, frightened, alone.
Together in this life and before,
Two Soulmates, enchanted by love once more.


Sounding Off

Fluffy, puffy words abound.
Mouth them slowly.
Savour the sound.
Stretch each vowel long and loud.
For contrast delve into the past.
Give some sharper words a blast.
Hiss and spit them out so fast.
If the pointed barbs land on their mark,
Replace them with adjectives,
Calming, charming, disarming chirps,
That massage egos and reward twerps.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
Imagine the carnage of the spoken word

I believe in you

I read some words, I wish I’d wrote.
They spoke so clear to me.
They expressed my story,
As if they’d read my thoughts.
Those ones no one should see.
So I marvelled and recoiled, devouring hungrily.
Until at last a hot tear fell,
And broke my reverie.
I tossed the book across the room
Gave way to anger and grief!
Another memoir of a ruined life, dressed up as make believe…