The first day of the rest of my life, Colleen’s Diary, Part 1

Thursday 5:25Am  

The tip tip tip of the alarm vibrating on her wrist woke her with a start, feeling cheated she lifted her sleep mask, opened one heavy eye and looked across the pillows to Georgie, he gazed back sneakily with his own sleepy wary eye, mocking her it seemed. 5:25 am she hurriedly pressed the snooze button and drifted back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later clothes dragged on, last nights food hardened dishes soaking at last in a sea of fragrant lemony bubbles,img_0877 Colleen was ready, she checked one  parka pocket for her silver heart shaped rape alarm simultaneously patting down the other for the Kubaton that she hoped she would never feel unnerved enough to have to use.

Georgie stretched languorously against the pillows as she told him “I’m just going to get Daddy  so you stay in  here and go back to sleep” the yawn he gave her seemed rather blasé,Colleen dropped a kiss on his soft red head and smiled to herself, she knew it would be a different story when Daddy actually arrived through the door like the long lost hero… returned at last to rescue poor Georgie from the dreadful mean Mummy.

She locked the heavy apartment door behind her and slipped down the back stairwell hoping against hope not to bump into any of the other residents,

571C2FDE-5BC2-4BA9-BFDC-E942F06B9C37“I mean, what kind of freaks are out and about at this ungodly hour” she thought to herself as she let herself out of the block into the cold oddly menacing February dawn.

The birds animatedly trying to get their morning chorus song complete, before the roar of the traffic drowned them out cheered Colleens heart as she walked through the darkened church yard It was a journey made many times but she couldn’t help but wonder would today be the day her luck ran out?

Her long fingers rested on the alarm in her pocket, she kept her pace steady despite the temptation to run, this was after all Colleens territory she knew it wouldn’t do to show fearimage and even though it appeared deserted she felt that there was always some body watching her maybe lay in wait for her  lurking in the long shadows.

As she came to the other side of the churchyard she could see that the street in front of her was empty bar from the previous days market stall and club detritus blowing randomly around and around,  up and down the  base of the streetlight,image  like a bad taste council sponsored  work of art that had been commissioned to sum up the “culture of the area” To the left she could see the battered door that kept the junkies contained was ajar though!

It appeared a strange doorway to Colleen who could not imagine a residence being on the other side of it, she always pictured carrier bags full of rotting rubbish and stinking rags that you would need to pick your way over carefully, she put her head down and  quickened her stride along the pavement up towards the subway. she could not be late for her six am meeting with Mcfee.

 Great news from Colleen


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    A reblog of my very first post and an introduction to Colleen’s Diary, a glimpse into an ordinary womans, walk on the wild side, and the way reality is sometimes stranger than fiction!


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