What to do? Colleen’s Diary Part 4

Colleen was yet again at that awkward stage of the night where she really ought to turn in, the thought of lying in their big lonely bed, wasn’t that appealing though.

It wasn’t even as if she wasn’t tired but the thought of laying awake all night, crazy thoughts racing around her head, only to drop off 30 minutes before she had to get up and meet Mcfee , Nahh didn’t fancy it at all !

So she’d mooched around the apartment from 10 pm having safely deposited Mcfee at his workplace, nothing on TV that she wanted to watch without Mcfee on his days off, she’d known she should have avoided the computer though.

With no formal computer training, she knew the basics and enjoyed tinkering about with it, after all, anything you didn’t know you could just ask google, her trouble was she didn’t know when to stop asking questions and now it was 1 am!

She’d gone for a look in the fridge, lots of yummy stuff to be avoided in there. She’d recently lost 1 stone and 4 pounds, which she was very proud of, but she was still on the larger side of where she wanted to be, and now the scales weren’t moving.

Colleen didn’t have a goal weight, but a secret, too expensive outfit hanging in  the back of her wardrobe that if she  did manage to squeeze into she would be so freakin  happy!!!

So she’d settled for a lightly buttered teacake and a coffee, and was wondering to herself would she really feel happier if she lost all the weight, after all it was being happy in the first place that had gained her an extra two stone.

All those cosy nights in with a takeaway, all the meals out they’d gone for, all the slow walks along numerous beach fronts their  hands lovingly entwined around an ice cream, the lovely roast dinners each week that proved they were a proper couple, plus all the beautiful cakes Mcfee had baked when they got their new oven, if food was love, Colleen loved food back!

She cheered herself up by thinking of all the lovely chubby celebrities that had undergone dramatic weight loss and ended up with tons of  loose skin and haggard faces, the celebrity yo-yo dieters that were huge one minute, then skinny the next, posing flawlessly in a bikini  to advertise  their weight loss DVD… then huge again, how did they do that?

Colleen resolved to eat whatever she fancied as long as she got the chance to burn it off. How though? by walking faster? (she didn’t do running), she wondered if the trashy neighbours below would object if she took up skipping,?

On this happy thought she finally drifted off to bed…



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