Dear Colleen, Colleens Diary, Part 5

Colleen looked again at the letter, written by her area manager.

“Dear Colleen,

Thank you for your letter dated blah blah in response to our letter dated blah blah. Please accept my sincere apologies for the error in our letter. As far as I can see you were not subject to any formal disciplinary procedures and therefore apologise for any upset and inconvenience this may have caused you.”

Too bloody right! she thought.

She had sent her resignation letter a few weeks earlier in response to weeks of workplace bullying finally ending in an assault that she felt was not being investigated properly, She had suffered panic attacks at work due to the assault and been signed off by a doctor and prescribed meds. She’d felt so disappointed with her line managers response to her complaint and obvious inexperience in dealing with such matters, that Colleen did not feel that she ever wanted to return back there.

In return she had received a letter, making sure that resigning was what she “wanted to do”, but respecting her decision if it was, whilst at the same time reminding her that disciplinary proceedings that were “on hold” would be continued if she chose to return to work.

She remembered the fury she had felt as she’d crafted her response, pointing out that she was not under any disciplinary proceedings, reminding them that they had “failed to follow their own company guidelines” when dealing with her grievance , and that she had “lost faith in the process completely”and confirming that her resignation was still standing

The letter from the area manager finished with…

“until such time that the matters have been fully reviewed and investigated, your resignation is not being accepted and is being placed on hold”

“Jeez! how much longer was this nightmare going to be dragged out”? she fumed inwardly, so much for moving on!

No wonder she was depressed…

She tossed the letter aside and headed for the fridge.


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