Owed to my mother (spoken word)

A  video of my short poem


All Change

Her chubby thighs could tell no lies

But still his response had been met with surprise!

When he’d heard that awkward question arise

“Does my bum look big in this?”


“You look in proportion”, he’d helpfully  said. 

Not understanding how this could be read.

The look on her face had filled him with dread.

Then she’d stomped upstairs to change!


Now 20 minutes late,  not one to risk fate,

He’d crept up the stairs to their room.

Then peered through the crack,

He could see from the back,

She was dressed in a purple affair.

He’d crept back down the stair,

and with a casual air. 

Called back up to her “MY LOVE,

Why don’t you wear your  purple dress?

It’s my very  favourite and one of your  best.”


Admiring himself upon  being so smart. 

The sight of her brought a lurch to his heart 

Now dressed down  in jeans

He knows what THAT means

Her silent reproach made it clear.


Is that what YOUR wearing?

Her eyes flashed deranged ,

As he stomped up the stairs to get changed!


Just Desserts

You naughty boy, what have you done?

I only left you a minute,

The  trifle that I’ve made for tea,

you’ve put your paws right in it,

you’ve got cream on your whiskers,

jelly on your nose,

and I do believe that’s custard,

squished in between your toes!


You naughty cat, why did you do it?

I didn’t make pudding for you to crawl through it,

Now I’ve nothing nice to serve my guests,

unless they have that bit on the left,

the bit that hasn’t got paw prints in it,

oh my, its no use,

I’ll just have to bin it!