The Author

Well I’ve been blogging away now for a whole two weeks! and its been a great experience and a nice way to lose an evening looking at other folks blogs

For those of you who have read my Colleen posts, a quick explanation.



I write about “Colleen” in the third person, because to be honest she is going through rather a rough time at the moment with her depression and having to resign from work, and the ordeal of her mothers cancer, and the uncertainty over Mcfees health!



She won’t reveal her true Identity or location just incase it leads to further problems or legal stuff (she has enough to be going on with)


Legal Stuff

Colleen would like to live somewhere lovely and fresh, near the coast but not to far from green fields and nature, she would like to be able to wake up at the break of day and hear the sounds of wildlife.



Instead she lives in the rough part of the city, and is regularly woken before dawn by the alternating sounds of revelry and sirens!



I’d like to be able to take time to care for her and advise her as you do with a good  friend,



Then gently closing the door on all those problems knowing I’ve done what I could and no more mental sacrifice or worry will help the situation


Walking away from the drama


At the same time I need to keep a sense of detachment from Colleen because quite simply she’s not as much fun as she used to be. and I don’t want to be consumed by her every minute of the day.


Not really

So a little about myself

Now me I like nothing more than a bit of humour, I know you can’t walk around grinning all day long, (I’ve tried it, it makes people uncomfortable which can be fun in itself ) but I would like to use my blog as a platform for amusement.


Fun times

Its going to be quite a mixed bag I think, poems, pictures, general observations, nothing too heavy,  and of course updates from “Colleen” as her life picks up.







I hope you enjoy my musings as much as I’ve enjoyed reading some of yours,

Please feel free to follow me by clicking the link in the sidebar or at the very bottom of the page , or pop by anytime,




A little about Cjm

4 thoughts on “A little about Cjm

    • Thankyou so much for your kind words Phil, its still very early days with his illness
      We think getting a diagnosis will help us to get through a bit easier, but the regiment of doctors and consultants he’s seen so far are baffled, but we’ll get there.
      Thank goodness for the NHS thats all I can say, we’ve had our moneys worth this year👍

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