A Lifetime Ago

Remember that first day we both seemed so small

lined up in pairs in the infant school hall

who’d of guessed that our friendship would last all these years

You were the one I told all my fears

You were the one who first shared my joy, then wiped my tears over that unworthy boy

If we’d of known that very first day, that our friendship would blossom and bloom and grow

If we’d seen far ahead that future of ours

Of life’s perfect sweet and occasional sours

The men we would marry, the children we’d carry
The roots that we’d put down and sow

If I’d of known then
that my lifelong friend would in fact turn out to be you

I’d of held tight your hand because you’d understand my journey was your journey too


2 thoughts on “A Lifetime Ago

  1. Oh this is really good, Cjm, really very good indeed 🙂
    I once wrote an essay in history and the teacher returned it and it looked like a bingo card. He’d circled, in red, every time I’d written ‘he would of’ (which I’d done numerous times). i should have written, ‘he would have’ I’m not sure why I should have shared such a story now… Where was I? Oh yes, cracking poem 🙂


    • Thankyou, Glad you enjoyed it 😁
      Your teacher would have had a field day with me Phil,😆
      I write as I speak, so even when I check my posts things dont jump out at me, had a similar conversation yesterday with my son, funnily enough👻

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