Between you and me

What’s happened to Sunday

it used to be a day for sanctuary and rest

 a day to respect and perhaps reflect 

and practice being meek

a brand new start, a slate wiped clean 

a fresh start to the week


The Sunday roast prepared by mum 

was an expectation met

on a gentle day with time to play

or read or relax or just be

nothing exciting on the box

it didn’t bother me

A bath before bed 

pyjamas on

enough time to get some sleep

those Sundays of old

when time stood still

left a host of memories to reap


Now Sundays a day just like any other 

fast paced and frantic

and gone…

with no time to make those memories

you’re hoping  will linger on…


Now the children won’t suffer

with no time to be mothered 

like they used to do in the past

because they don’t know what they’re missing

and don’t they grow up so fast


 Anyway they don’t want to play

it’s not good for their look

and they won’t be seen dead 

with such a thing 

as a boring actual book


So Sundays have changed 

I’d better keep up 

don’t wish to be thought of as old

but between you me and the gate post 

these new Sundays leave me cold

2 thoughts on “Between you and me

    • Thanks Phil, I’ve worked Sundays for years, it’s turned into just another weekday which is a shame,
      I don’t mind your grammar tales honestly, gives me a chance to change it before my “biggest critic” points it out,😥
      I swear he’s started keeping a pencil behind his ear🤓

      Liked by 1 person

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