A birds eye view


Georgie “Twitching” At The Blue Tits

Today I witnessed for sure, 

My sweet kittys fatal flaw

As he leaped and swooped

And attempted to kill,

Those in reach of his murderous paw.

He’s  spent an eternity watching,

Those tiny Blue Tits soar,

His sensitive whiskers twitching,

This side of the balcony door.


His feline elation,

As they perch at their station,

Taking their fill of seed,

Makes his belly rumble,

He imagines  them crumpled

And crushed between his jaw.

He hides in wait,

His appetite to sate,

Watching in saucer eyed awe,

As they perform their avian antics,

Just inches away from the door.

They flit from branch to feeder,

And back to branch all day,

Well aware of their fluffy predator,

Waiting for them to fall prey.

They valiantly chirp to each other,

A warning about their foe,

Slowly going insane,

whilst waiting in vain,

On the balcony far below.


2 thoughts on “A birds eye view

  1. I’ve noticed out cat getting tetchy with the local flying squad and wondered if the village vet does anger management classes for cats. Might be worth looking into Cjm 😉

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