The spice of life


Bold Squirrel

Oh little squirrel,

where do you live?

is it some where safe?

I’ve come to watch you play again,

to make my heart feel glad.


I won’t try to feed you today,

you really shouldn’t be tame,

I watch you bounding freely,

like freedom isn’t bad…


I’ve become free, tiny squirrel.

It’s not something I chose .

I sit on our bench and watch you play,

people pass close by, not knowing my strife.


We both used to come here,

we’d sit, hold hands and laugh .

perhaps you noticed us ?

for we were larger than life .


I envy you confident squirrel ,

your purpose is clear, defined,

not for you the emotions,

that give us humans, spice!


When darkness falls,

you’ll be gone again,

back to your secret place,

for you empty hollows,

mean home and safety…


 That must be ever so nice!



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