She knows, you know


The Fortune Teller

My old fortune-teller beckons to me,

Step in my darling, this ones for free,

For your aura is showing

your simply glowing,

Your as fertile as Mertyl, said she.

babies galore, maybe as many as four

but for sure, no fewer than three!


Well she looked up and glanced

as I sat entranced,

Now, don’t worry too much, she said

but I see you like Micheal,

that’s just a trifle

You’ll end up married to Fred.


Riches you’ll gain

NO… I can’t explain, how you get em,

but mark my words!

be kind to old Mary

I know she’s quite scary

but your her favourite God child.


As I took all this in,

her lop sided grin

flashed me its gold toothed surprise.

after  taking my leave,

I could hardly perceive 


MY GRANNY would tell me such lies 


 Still shaking my  head

YEP! walked  into Fred

it was a total surprise…

Why on earth had I never noticed

That he had such dreamy  eyes 


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