The Bermuda Triangle

A disaster story

On Monday I had an idea,

Why don’t we go to Ikea?

we could get some nice plants,

sniff some candles,

and later we’ll sit and eat dinner?


 A look of horror crossed Mcfees face.

I swear I’ve made him hate the place!

because on previous visits…

Our bank card went missing,

I lost my phone!

(only discovered on returning  home) 

Plus the ordeal of getting lost ourselves…

and trying to get things off those shelves!


 Nonetheless, he went to fetch shoes,

 he felt worthy of such a caper.

Hiking boots with grippy soles.

Incase of misadventure?


I’d take my trolley.

We needed at least 8 plants,

and soil to boot!

Then off we went, into the abyss.

Though I said it would be a hoot.


On arrival we marched purposefully on,

past all those  little fake rooms, 

though I longed to sit on the sofas, 

I knew that this was doomed.


Upon paying for our meal,

just a momentary blip, 

when I couldn’t seem to find my purse,

although I’d secured it to my hip

It seemed to be a curse.


It’s like the Bermuda Triangle! I cried,

Mcfee just rolled his eyes,

unless it was unbridled ecstasy,

he was munching his chocolatey surprise.


Meatball dinner always a winner, 

with a couple of muffins too, 

as we steeled ourselves for the adventure,

downstairs on level 2.


Although with lift not working,

and trolley plus crutches to scoot,

we almost turned back and left the store,

we were quite resolute!


A helpful team member fixed it for us.

we could use the staff only lift,

and upon safely settling  inside,

down the floors we began to drift.

We chose our plants and picked our soil.

Square blocks were deemed ok

Then hopped onto the travelator, 

and quickly hastened to pay.


 We hadn’t spent too much money,

so the visit was hailed a success.

 I’m going to wait till tomorow,

to tell him I’ve lost my specs!


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