Who’s she?


The pitter pat of tiny feet?

Oh no I’m done with that,

I’m a different kind of mummy now,

my baby is a cat!


Not just any cat, mind you

and I’ve loved all that I’ve had,

but my Georgie is the favourite one 

especially when he’s bad,


Tearing through our house at dawn,

he loves to play and fight, 

he doesn’t know or doesn’t care,

that five am’s still night!


When I wake and comb my hair, 

he’s right there at my feet, 

the look he give me with his eyes,

 says “Oi! its my turn to look sweet”


He’s a constant source of comfort 

of wonderment and joy, 

I really think he knows,

that he’s my special boy.


We’ve shared so much together. 

I’ve loved to watch him grow, 

from the kitten in furry pyjamas,

that I first got to know .


He has the most amazing eyes,

that I have ever seen,

more like an owls than a cats 

and  a gorgeous  shade of green


Those same eyes,

when they look at me 

seem to penetrate my soul

when he’s cuddled on my lap 

I feel completely whole.

He has his funny habits,

his eccentric little quirks,

that make me love him all the more,

have you ever heard a  kitty snore?


I’m so blessed to have him,

and bask in all that love,

I sometimes think  he could be,

a gift sent from above,

If such a thing exists, 

and I’d like to think it does, 

Then thank God for my Georgie,

for he is the finest puss!

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