Who wants to live forever

It’s not a crime if it doesn’t rhyme

And maybe this makes me a philistine

But I like MY poems to have some flow

I like to hear where the words will go

The words when spoken may sometimes merge

Because I get this frantic urge

A bubbling babbling verbal surge

I write it down as I go

so as to properly catch the flow

Though at some point later i’ll tweak

Till I feel that it’s reached it’s peak

Then when it’s ready

I’ll hold my voice steady and prepare to deliver my prose

If my audience laughs all the better

As they hang on my every letter

And If they recognise themselves in the verse

I’ll remind them it could of been worse

Though I know that they really don’t mind

Because my family are one of a kind

And as I make them immortal

And give myself a chortle

They’ll live on in words enshrined


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