A Runaway Success

So on Monday “Mcfee and Me” ran away to sea to recharge our batteries and rid ourselves of the stench of the city.

We arrived in west Cowes On the Isle Of Wight, and as the weather was perfect decided on a short leisurely walk along to Gurnard beach. A description of which can be found below, or in even more detail here on the islands official tourism website

“Gurnard Beach is a quaint traditional, pebble and shingle beach, just a stone’s throw south east of the town of Cowes on the north east coast of the Isle of Wight, with great views across the Solent, and some of the best sunsets you are likely to find!

It is bordered by attractive, municipally owned beach huts, mainly painted green, on its sea wall that are leased locally. Behind the beach huts is a large sloped green with children’s playground area.

At the eastern end of the seafront is a popular cafe and restaurant, with a window ice cream service to those using the beach. Here too sits Gurnard Sailing Club where you can become a visiting member for the summer months. Sailing and watersports are popular pastimes at this beach, especially between here and Gurnard Marsh, the next seafront hamlet to the east.


It’s fun to bathe here when large ships are passing as the wash from their displacement in the water can make large waves on the beach. Keep an eye on little ones however, in case it catches them out!”

We stopped off for sustenance at The Watersedge beach cafe  where we both enjoyed a rather large slice of Victoria sponge cake, and hot coffee whilst admiring the sea view.

Suitably refreshed we found the energy to explore  our favourite part of the beach.

Mcfee went off to explore the rock pools whilst I sat relaxing on a large surprisingly comfortable rock.

We had the beach more or less to ourselves, although there was a steady stream of walkers accompanied by generally  happy, excited dogs, determined to entertain us. We watched enviously as they splashed in and out of the foam.

We spent a good couple of hours just unwinding and doing nothing more than plan which beachfront  property we would buy with our lottery winnings (we wish).

I explored the “staircase to nowhere” in great detail. It leads to a blown over tree that is still very much thriving despite its apparent early misfortune.

I would love to know what used to be there, maybe many years ago a seafront property with a small tree in the back yard and now all that remains is a staircase and a huge twisty tree?

We didn’t really want to leave our chill zone but decided it would be best to journey back while we still had the daylight and a bit of warmth in the air.

We made it back to Cowes just in time to see the lifeboat launched on a training exercise and managed to get some nice photos, then it was onto the The Fountain Hotela lovely olde style hostelry with a great atmosphere, for a greedy  supper of fish and chips, and very tasty it was too.

Safely returned from our adventure, we slept like logs that night, with bellys full, minds calmed, legs aching and stresses soothed 

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