All the world’s a critic

They’ve started to roll their eyes,

one even gives little sighs,

when I unveil my latest musings,

for that exclusive first perusing.


I can’t make them all amusing! 

what do you mean that lines confusing!! 

of course it will fit, you silly little…!!!

well I’m guessing you get the picture ?


Now I’m not a qualified poet.

Just in case  you didn’t all know that.

I write what feels good at the time,

Punctuation weighs heavy on my mind.


But its better out than in. 

It gets rid of that internal din,

that rattles around in my head,

And stops me from getting to bed.


Now I’m not going to “die for my art!”

My poems won’t pull you apart.

But maybe this could be the start,

of the end,

For my inner critique?












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