Tattoos and Skunk, Colleen’s Diary, Part 7

Friday Night

Colleen scrolled through the news report again, it was definitely the same guy, she’d seen him just a few weeks ago,

She’d been walking Mcfee to work as usual, when coming out from the churchyard, they became aware of a row outside the junkie flat.  One young guy on a bike and another guy goading each other. She’d tried to tune out the offensive racist rants spewing from the pair of them, relieved when the particularly vile sounding creature on the bike, shot off ahead.

Her relief was short-lived when he flung his already abused bike in the middle of the road just up ahead of them and marched purposefully into The Thatcher’s Arms A local scroats pub whose patrons, Colleen had noted with earlier sneaked glances, seemingly preferred tattoos and skunk to soap and dentistry.

Almost as soon as he’d disappeared into its territorial enclave, he reappeared closely followed by a few angry sounding drinkers.

Colleen slowed down, they would have to walk past them it was the only route available, but she didn’t want Mcfee or herself to be caught in the cross fire of whatever was about to kick off.

The battered bike straddled once again by its furious rider took off as Collen noted the pub doors purposefully bang shut and the sound of bolts being drawn. They weren’t getting involved she realised.

The rider called out to a previously unseen figure. she glanced at Mcfee, they both knew who THAT was, they walked as slowly as they could without appearing fearful, not sure whether their presence would be construed as a deterrent or an audience for the unfolding events.

The track suited rider circled his  new victim a few times shouting insults and threats, it was obvious they had history but it was a puzzle even to her that this new pretender was so far unharmed.

Howell Hunter just shrugged him off and made his way into the same block of flats Colleen had seem him emerge from in the early hours, Oh it must be more than a month ago now.  

She’d been on her way to meet Mcfee from work, It had looked to her as if he’d been rudely roused from his bed before dawn by a couple of thuggish looking men who’d accused him of taking some  of their money,

She’d found the whole thing quite intimidating but tried to put it behind her, I’m being sensitive she’d thought, I’ll feel better when the meds kick in. just a touch of paranoia probably.

Well this wasn’t bloody paranoia was it, this was real life!

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