The first day of the rest of my life, Colleen’s Diary, Part 1

A reblog of my very first post and an introduction to Colleen’s Diary, a glimpse into an ordinary womans “walk on the wild side”, and the way reality is sometimes stranger than fiction!

Project Me 1st

Thursday 5:25Am  

The tip tip tip of the alarm vibrating on her wrist woke her with a start, feeling cheated she lifted her sleep mask, opened one heavy eye and looked across the pillows to Georgie, he gazed back sneakily with his own sleepy wary eye, mocking her it seemed. 5:25 am she hurriedly pressed the snooze button and drifted back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later clothes dragged on, last nights food hardened dishes soaking at last in a sea of fragrant lemony bubbles,img_0877 Colleen was ready, she checked one  parka pocket for her silver heart shaped rape alarm simultaneously patting down the other for the Kubaton that she hoped she would never feel unnerved enough to have to use.

Georgie stretched languorously against the pillows as she told him “I’m just going to get Daddy  so you stay in  here and go back to sleep” the yawn he…

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