The incident, Colleens Diary, Part 8

Saturday  Night

The next day on the journey to work, they walked past the parade of take aways. It was apparent a brick had literally just been flung through one of the windows, although the lady in the shop was still serving a couple that were waiting for their food,

It seemed crazy to Colleen, maybe they got bricks through all the time or perhaps they’d not noticed the big grey monstrosity  in the middle of the floor, that had reeked so much damage?

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, Colleen got a call from Mcfee to say that he was on his way home but there was an ongoing incident and the police had cordoned of the area,

When he eventually arrived home he’d said that the block of flats that Hunter had been using had had the windows smashed through.

“They cordoned off the whole road for that?” Colleen asked Mcfee , “what? oh no. There was something else happening further on down, but they wouldn’t say what!

They never did find out what the “incident” was but they saw that the junkie flat was now boarded up and with this guy Howell Hunter banged up for 10 months, although the offence wasn’t connected to anything they’d seen, hopefully things would calm down a little now .


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