Memories are made of this, Colleen’s Diary, Part 9

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains.”

Diane Ackerman 

Monday 6pm

The sun came out to bless our early evening stroll, although the day had been quite misty so far according to Alan, the apologetic host of the B & B we’d booked into.

We inhaled the fresh sea air and feasted our eyes on the view, once again sharing fondly with each other, the memory of the seal in the water from a few years ago.

We had noticed “him” bobbing ever closer to the shore line each time we had taken our nightly stroll along the water’s edge.

Eventually on the last night of our holiday, the brave soul had made its way inland and  onto the beach, “Mcfee and me” soon joined by quite a crowd of Island families, all of us watching from a distance in almost reverential awe at the spectacle in front of us.

Typically our camera batteries were flat and useless, but no matter, the memory of that magical night is etched forever in my mind… 

Rosie The Donkey

img_1010We had already re-acquainted ourselves with our favourite donkey Rosie, almost as soon as we’d checked in at the B & B. Our Ground floor room, we were delighted to see was on eye level with her meadow and still managed a magnificent sea view!

And relax…

By 8pm having enjoyed a tasty chicken korma plus indulgently coconutted? pashwari nam bread 7F0A94E4-2C54-477C-8BEE-0308488BB96E.jpegand huge poppadoms with yoghurt dip just incase we had room for more! we went back to our room, (just to lay down for a minute or two, you understand), in the distance the roar of lions and tigers from the nearby Conservation  Zoo, mingled with the sea birds and occasional donkey bray, and slowly I slipped away into the most restful sleep I’d enjoyed in months…

A link to Ode to Yaverland, written by Cjm 


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