Duncan Slater, The Marathon des Sables 2017

WALKING WITH THE WOUNDED charity information

I’ve just watched the ITV news featuring Duncan Slater’s Fundraising Challenge  for The Walking With The Wounded charity. 

He is taking part in The Marathon des Sables (The Marathon Of The Sands)  said to be the toughest foot race on earth. The gruelling challenge sees participants take on six marathons in six days across the Sahara desert, up and down sand dunes and crossing gullies hundreds of metres high covering over 250km in temperatures soaring to 50°C. 

The rules require you to be totally self-sufficient, carrying everything you need on your back except the water that will keep you alive!

All the heroes taking part in this challenge have my utmost respect and admiration but special acknowledgement goes to wounded Scots veteran Duncan Slater. A double amputee, returning to the Sahara for his second attempt at the challenge. 

Duncan has already become the first double leg amputee to ski to the South Pole in 2013. Walking with a team of 12 service men and women from the UK and other nations, who have suffered terrible injuries, including the loss of limbs. The adventurers included our own Prince Harry among their numbers. More about this can be found here. Duncan Slater overcoming injury and accomplishing the incredible

This time last year Duncan suffered huge disappointment when he had to drop out of the 2016 Marathon des Sables, (at the end of  the long stage, day 4, double marathon event) on medical advice, as his stumps were rubbed raw and causing significant damage to his legs!

Apparently Duncan is in better shape this time around, due to brilliant new ground breaking prosthetic legs he had made in Italy, although he does have a sore hamstring and is physically drained. 

The ITV news team headed by Dan Rivers have followed Duncan and featured him on daily broadcasts and tonight they gave him a phone containing a message from his seven-year old daughter Lilly telling him he “can do it”. The message brought him (and myself sat comfortably at home)  to tears 

If Duncan is successful, and it looks very much the case that he will be, he will become the first double amputee to ever finish The Marathon des Sables. He has one more marathon to complete later on today (Good Friday) and I really wish him the best of luck  in his endeavour. 

Go on Duncan


Duncan Slater
Duncan Slater, Walking With The Wounded

Duncan Slater


Duncan Slater


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