Proper Gander!

Seems an appropriate time to reblog my premonition, sorry poem😉

Project Me 1st

There was quite a barrage for Nigel Farage, when May, Corbyn and the rest

Took to the House of Commons and declared him a national pest

Although he’d been on a high for most of July with his life’s ambition fulfilled

Some voting Remain, just found him a pain and secretly wished he’d been killed

But British values and our sense of fair play meant that this was frowned upon

So they all got together to clear the air and decide upon what could be done


That Farage would seek to help them out was never ever concurred

But he had a friend who lived overseas whose ideas were considered absurd

He wanted to run for presidency of a Country that allowed such a thing

So he tapped into Americas consciousness by being a little right-wing

Some American folk saw him as a joke but others saw him as…

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