See a penny pick it up!

“See a penny pick it up, all that day you’ll have good luck

See a penny let it lay, bad luck you’ll have all that day”


A solitary penny caught my eye,

down on the ground as I walked by.

Impatient tuts from the man behind, 

But determined to pocket my shiny find,

I’d bent to pick it up for luck,

and instantly that fortune struck.

“look out below” a painter cried!

from up above me somewhere high.

He’d dropped his brush,

I don’t know why,

just as I’d gone passing by?

If I hadn’t stooped to change my fate,

I’d now be covered in bright red paint!

As it was it just missed me.

I picked that penny up with glee.

The tutter in front who’d passed me by,

now looked as if he’d like to cry

paint splattered on his lovely suit

I walked on by… my guilt acute.


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