You get more of what you focus on, Colleen’s diary, Part 11

Hi All, It’s been rather peaceful and relaxed since I last wrote.

Tuesday Afternoon

The weather in the South of England has been fine and dry on the whole, so yesterday “Mcfee and Me”  took a trip out to the New Forest

We didn’t have to venture too far before we saw these famous

New Forest ponies.

We managed to get some nice pictures with Mcfees new camera.

I’d  packed a picnic and it was so lovely and peaceful, just  sitting by the riverbank, enjoying, egg and cress sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, lemon cupcakes, fruit and crackers, washed down with some lovely strawberry and banana smoothies,

We gave a group of hopeful seagulls a treat with our leftover crackers, in return for some airborne modelling work, but felt a bit sorry for the beautiful swan having to paddle in the murky looking water, so I didn’t make him work too hard for his crackers!

Wednesday Morning 8 am

I’ve been sleeping so much better the last few weeks.

After 5 years of night shift work I truly thought I’d never break the pattern of staying awake till 6 am then sleeping through most of the morning, but I’ve been going to bed earlier and earlier trying to get back into a normal routine and it appears to be working.

I feel a little more relaxed and calmer nowadays, though I still have my moments when it’s all a bit much but at least I can class them as “moments” now, not long days or weeks in auto pilot mode like it used to be.

Local Camera Club

This week, I’ve also joined an online camera club local to our area and the pictures that the other members post, of familiar landmarks and local beauty spots and the way they are presented has opened my eyes to the way other people perceive the things I can see on a daily basis, so I’m trying hard not to focus on the bad scary bits of my area.

They say you get more of what you focus on, so I’m just going to look out for the pretty things, 

I do hope you’ve all had a peaceful week?

Bye for now,



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