In His Fathers Footsteps


“When the baking is done we’ll go and have fun”,

I promised, and ruffled his hair.

My  birthday boy clutches his newest toy,

a boat that he’s itching to sail,

he gives me a grin then he’s off in a spin,

leaving a breeze in his trail!


“Daddy where are you? I’m going to help mum,

when she’s finished baking she says she can come.

We’re all going to the lake and I’m going to take

the boat that you gave me to sail”.


Daddy appeared and my heart cheered,

to hear that he’d mended the car.

Despite the talk of how we could walk,

the lake was really quite far.



With Grandparents in tow,

it seemed too far to go

they’d insisted that they would be fine. 


There were others nearby,

but when I’d asked why “They wouldn’t do instead?”

“It has to be this lake… its special to us”

and the Grandparents nodded their head.


We’d all stood on  the shale,

 watching them sail the prized possession,

his boat“. 

A wonderful sight to share their delight,

that they’d managed to keep it afloat.


The memory flashed and then it had passed,

stored once again in my heart.

Like the boat in the toy box over 60 years old

passed down through the family,

its colours still bold!


Our grandson would love it, just like his dad did,

and his dad before him, when he was a kid.

His face lights a picture from the day he turned five,

with the gift from his daddy, both beaming with pride!


My son and his father once made up the crew,

now five-year old hands would hold it anew.

 New memories to treasure thanks to this old boat.

Our grandson could not wait to set it afloat.


There was only one place to sail the keepsake.

Our hearts burst with love as we head for the lake.


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