Catastrophic, Colleen’s Diary, Part 13

Hi everyone,

Oh dear, Georgie the Cat is not at all happy with me today. 

Apparently it was bad enough that his lifelong enemy, Hetty Hoover had been hanging around for most of the day, instead of being securely impounded, in her cell next to the bathroom (for creating a noise nuisance and deliberate harassment against cats) but on his further inspection, the favourite hidey holes have been filled with boxes and suitcases and other unpleasant items!


To show his full  displeasure, instead of contentedly snoozing in his Ikea “cat basket” or streching out contentedly on the rug like he does every night without fail, he’s squeezed his rather large frame onto the tiny footstool and is currently clinging on for dear life, with one eye occasionally flicking open of course so he can see if I’ve noticed his disgust.

Poor Georgie 


On the plus side Mcfee has cleaned his TV (aquarium) so when he’s stopped sulking at least he’s got something  pretty to watch, if he ever gets over himself.


Our apartment is looking rather homely again now though. 

I’ve reinstated my seaside themed decor and it’s really quite uplifting… makes me long for long hot Summer days and trips out.

Todays weather has been rather gloomy and overcast so we stayed home, the Bluetits were quite active at the window feeder which was rather lovely to watch close up.

Tomorrow  (Monday) is a bank holiday in the Uk so that is almost a guarantee of rain, 😉 hopefully though. we will get out and stretch our legs somewhere. If not more housework  is on the cards.

A feature wall to display our favourite prints is the next thing on the to do list.

I do hope you all have a great week,



2 thoughts on “Catastrophic, Colleen’s Diary, Part 13

    • Hetty is a menace especially when Mcfee gets hold of her,
      Yes I am enjoying updating the decor here and there, its just amazing how one small job leads to lots of small jobs and before you know it you’ve lost an entire week, still at least it kept me busy😉

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