Lost soul

I’m waiting for you  at the top of the cliff, like I had a lifetime through

I’ve held my breath till I see you, as all lost souls do

Last time here I broke your heart when I’d asked you to set me free

You’d clung to me so tightly then, It really couldn’t be 

The wind had whistled round my ears and in my clothes it blew

But not hard enough to spare my soul when down the cliff I flew

We were meant to be together? I thought fate had it planned

You’d faltered at the last second, I couldn’t understand

Now 25 years later, on the cliff you stood,

Looking older than your forty years

Your life had not been good

You’ve come to reunite with me

for real, not in your dreams

To throw yourself off this same ledge the only way it seems

You hear my voice upon the wind, around your ears it seems to sing

My spirit self, willed to appear, my only chance to make you hear

That you were right to let me go, all those many years ago

You can stay and see it through, please live your life as if for two

Let me go… for good this time

mend your heart and clear your mind

As you promise me you’ll live your life, each and every day

You reach out to my very soul, once more in your grasp

Then we both move on forever

I’ve finally breathed my last


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