The daily prompt? ~ micro fiction

She pulled the duvet up around her ears to better drown out the determined cries of the mewing cat, impatiently waiting at the bottom of the bed

The seemingly more Dominant of the three continued snoring, apparently oblivious to the battle being played out amongst the “minions”.

The cat rubbed his slinky frame against the door jamb  in glee as he heard her feet shuffling down the hallway!

Every morning the same routine, he’d lurk in the darkness of the lounge for the fish sun to glow in the tank, then into the bedroom he’d pad, he’d snuggle up to Daddy silently sleeping on the bed who’d roll over onto his back to accommodate his furry buddy.

This would set him off into the deep growl, that would make his Mummy’s eyes twitch and down to the bottom of the bed he’d sycophantically wait for her, singing the hypnotic song of his people that she found so hard to resist.

via Daily Prompt: Dominant


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