Keep on keeping on

via the daily prompt: Stifle

Today began with good intentions.

I’d walk as fast as could the short walk to my mothers house, down the most deserted picturesque route I could find, with my new workout app, a fully charged phone and bluetooth headset and a power playlist.  Prepare to melt fat cells…

Nothing would stop me!

Except it was raining and the traffic on the unfamiliar route scared me, I didn’t like the songs and I was pretty sure the stupid workout app out wasn’t working out.

Arriving at my mothers approximately 10 minutes later feeling damp, dejected and defeated, I had another exercise brainwave,  Wii fit! that was always great indoor fun.

We’d bought one for my mum many years ago and she’d loved it, we blew the dust off it, dug out the rechargeable batteries and crossed our fingers it would still work.

After going through the whole happy rigermerole of being chastised by the wii fit for not completing the fitness goals we set 5 years ago and being extoled to set new ones, apparently my ideal weight is 9 stone 7 pounds???  (I want to lose a pound just one pound – and then we’ll take it from there)

We both proceeded to spend the next hour flapping, peddling, bouncing and balancing and it was such genuinely good fun, we definitely burned more calories laughing than “exercising”

My particular weakness is the steps exercise, I never was any good at that one. Luckily it’s no longer a competition as, oddly enough my old mum has all the high scores even though my son and myself in our after school heyday  (he’s 27 now) had tried our very hardest to beat her.

Now I’m lay up in my bed feeling muscle twinges in bits of me that forgot they had muscles attached, smiling in places that forgot they were happy and making absolutely no attempt to Stifle this huge grin,

Goodnight x

Little miss perfect

Little miss perfect


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