Creature comforts

The creature I feature in a lot of my verse

Is a huge Ginger cat I’ve occasionally cursed,

When I’ve weighed up the havoc those killer claws reap!

But he’s my best buddy,

We love hide and seek!

He’s usually  there to gaze into my eyes,

Transmits his thoughts,

Always so wise.

He once stopped a tear with his little paw,

Literally stopped it, no trace of a claw!

Another time in his early days,

He scratched my toe to jolt me awake.

When I looked at the clock, my alarm wasn’t set,

I realised my cat was a pretty safe bet.

Some say old souls will reside in a cat.

Maybe a frisson of truth lays in that?

I only know that he’s my best friend,

Creature to feature…

My furry Godsend!

Today’s post is enhanced by the daily prompt word :Creature


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