Trash talk

I am constantly Bewildered by the publicity given to what must be the worst ever American import: The Kardashians!

In the UK we now have a wide array of satalite TV channels that cater for the masses as well as the traditional 5 mainstream ones.

The Kardashians television show features on a particular channel probably aimed at young trendy types (that I have never ever felt the urge to tune into being a mature 40+ female)

This is because I don’t want to know about them, I don’t care about them or their offspring. I don’t even really need to know about their estranged Stepfather/mother although I hear she’s a delight!

I would like them to stop spilling out of their box and polluting mainstream TV and media.

Chances are if they were one of my family members, I’d probably move house and block their phone number So I wouldn’t be bombarded with every detail of their odd trashy lives!

I don’t know how long it will be be before this particular bubble bursts, but I do hope it’s soon!

via the daily promp word: Bewildered


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