The art of attraction

First envision an image of how it might be,

Moonlight, roses ecstasy,

Then bring the image to life,

Set it free…

Causing two hearts to beat joyfully,

Once you Conjure your soul mate,

Make sure that they know,

How happy they make you,

How they make you glow,

To stay  lit from within,

Take care of the spark,

It’s the only way to cast out the dark.

Todays post is inspired by the Daily Prompt word:Conjure


12 thoughts on “The art of attraction

  1. Hello Cate 😊 I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, but I’m sorry I cannot link my post here due to some technical issue.. So do check it for details on my blog, under, “Liebster Award”, congratulations 😊


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