The rebuke

Safe in their bubble,

The bitches stir trouble,

The one they made Queen,

Dictates yet one more scene,

Whilst the “friends” made online,

Join in with her whine,

About how proper friendship is truly divine!

Eager to show off the support of new crew,

She shows scant regard for those she once knew,

Ignoring is boring,

Stops friendships enduring…

Some words that I read on a card years ago,

Replay in my mind,

They too and they fro,

“You’ll always be my friend

You know too much”

And perhaps that is the actual crux?

Old friendships where deep secrets are shared,

Become a threat incase they are aired,

So create an offence that can not be repaired,

And a cocky persona to show your not scared!

Here endeth the Lecture from what I’ve observed,

Whilst browsing my friends list,

It’s left me disturbed!

Today’s post is inspired by the daily prompt word: Lecture


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