This week our local shopping mall put on a free display for the benefit of passers-by.

Macfee and myself had just enjoyed our Valentines date to the cinema (We were both thoroughly enthralled watching  Darkest Hour, the Oscar nominated film about Churchill. We highly recommend it).

Living in the city centre it’s only a short walk home, thankfully, because it was absolutely tipping down with rain, but our eyes were drawn to the magnificent light show being projected against our city walls.

We really wanted to stay and watch but the weather was truly awful and we weren’t really dressed for it, so we promised ourselves we’d return today at dusk.

It was well worth it.  We were treated to dancing multi coloured water jets, children ran through them excitedly, paying no heed to the still bitter weather.

The projection on the walls depicted faeries, witches, bubbling cauldrons, fiery dragons huge giants and a fearless Knight in full battle Costume riding through the forest to see off the dragon and save the day…

Apparently  it was based on local folklore, I’m eager to check that out!

There were also light mazes, multicoloured spheres, a field planted full of globular flowers that changed colour and hummed a hypnotic tune that hung on the breeze, and trees projected on to the wall that grew and shrunk, in random order, to the delight of the ourselves and the gathered crowd.

The photos I’ve included really don’t do justice to the actual event, the colours were truly kaleidoscopic verging on psychedelic, but I do hope they convey some of the awesomeness.

The same space will play host to Chinese New Year celebrations this coming Sunday and will include the traditional dragon dance.

We are sure to be there!

Cate x

Todays post includes the daily word prompt:Costume


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