“This one’s a bit slow”

The little girl was becoming confused and bewildered.
The nursery assistant kept taking her crayon away before she’d even had a chance to finish writing her name r u…
Was she playing with her?
She didn’t think so.

“No no! that’s not right is it? watch me, let me show you again!
c a t ”.
But the little girl was trying hard to show her she could write her name.
r u , she began again.
The kind nursery assistant gave up and went to play with another child, no doubt a more satisfying one.
Ruby felt sad and confused, she was trying her best and she knew it was the teacher that was doing it wrong not her.

At home time Ruby had noticed all the other little boys and girls had a peg with their own name on to hang their tiny coats.

She wished she had her own peg instead of the one belonging to Cate, She was always absent when the register was called anyway…

Every day the same thing happened, AMANDA? Yes Miss! BOBBY? Yes Miss! CATE? CATE? then some other child would usually say “she’s here Miss” all eyes would be on Ruby and the mood would turn anxious and impatient, she didn’t know why!

Ruby waited and waited but she never once heard her name called, sometimes at the end of the register she would put her hand up and tell the teacher she was there, and everyone would snicker, it was like she was the invisible girl.

She clutched her coat tightly and waited impatiently for her big brother to come and collect her and take her home in the pram.

Later that night tucked up in her little bed with a glass bottle of cola with a straw, a Mars bar and her weekly copy of “Twinkle the picture paper specially for little girls” she’d read herself the latest instalments from Nurse Nancy and her favourite, little Patsy Pickle.

She absolutely loved to read, She’d read anything she could! Cereal boxes, tins of soup, anything her intelligent eyes landed on.
Her parents were so proud of their little Ruby, such a clever child, surely she’d go far?

If only they’d thought to tell her, her real name (outside the house) was Cate!

I was surprised when I saw today’s daily prompt word: Rube

For me it is a name, for a while it was my name… Rube, Rubes, Ruby!

I’ve since found out the true definition is a country bumpkin and given my awkward disjointed early start, that revelation seems rather apt.

If I’m truly honest the thing that still really upsets me, is that nobody took the time to ask the right questions, they just assumed I was daft.

My newly emerging character could of been so different, so much more confident if I hadn’t become that invisible child…

Rube/Cate x

5 thoughts on ““This one’s a bit slow”

  1. I loved this, but felt sad. Sad for Ruby (Cate)! 😦 Yes, the events of our childhood can carry over and can cause us to lack confidence. Ah, but look at you now…a writer, a reader…. a caring soul!!!!! Loved the photo, too!!!! Hope you have a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, the early 70s in the north of England weren’t very enlightened times with regard to child care, I’ve made up for those invisible days since though, 😇 And thankyou for your kind words Patty, I hope you have a great weekend too 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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