🎧 Audible book reviews

I find it so hard to settle with a book nowadays that I joined Audible roughly three years ago in a bid to catch up on more than a few years of neglect. I hoped that listening rather than reading might reawaken my slightly addling brain


6 thoughts on “🎧 Audible book reviews

  1. I was recently asked to narrate a short story by a fellow blogger. Around nine minutes. How on earth does someone manage 27 hours!!! Nice review though Cjm, even if it does bring home my vocal inadequacies 🙂

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    • Ohh, I’d love to get paid to read out loud but i’d probably nod off!
      One of the main problems for me with audio books is falling asleep, the story writing could be absolutely fantastic, but if I don’t get a feel for the story teller, I just cant absorb the plot at all, I find it quite difficult with American accents, They can come across as quite flat for me but Joe Barrett has won awards for his narration apparently so I struck lucky with this book because he really brought it to life.
      Incidentally, I’ve noticed the storytellers that I enjoy the most, have a Lancashire accent similar to my own. which is a bit limiting 🤔

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      • Oh yeah, if there’s a big bundle of cash at the end of it I suppose that would concentrate the mind a bit. Not being a fan of my own voice it’s a bit grim listening back.
        Lancashire eh? Well, no, I’m not going to hold that against you Cjm 😉 I know of people who have ventured across the border and that they returned forthwith shouldn’t be judged as undeniable proof that Lancashire is all bad. Or it’s people 😉 All northerners together, I say, and the accent is lovely 🙂


      • I’ve been an honoury southerner for 30 years now Phil.
        I tried so hard to lose that Lancashire accent at the age of 15, that I sounded like a farmer for a little while much to the families amusement, although that toned down to more acceptable levels for many years.
        That is until I started working with a girl from the next town to where I was born, and my original accent came back… immediately!!! which was a bit of a shocker, also a shock to some well established friends who’d had no idea I was northern😱

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      • Ooohoo, it gets worse! How do you unfollow someone on here… 😉
        I started speaking with a Liverpudlian accent just from watching the Brookside omnibus in the early 80’s, then thick Barnsley when, like you, working with a colleague. Now I’m blogging and following a lot of Americans I’m dreading what effect that’ll have 🙂

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