Hell Hath No Fury ~ A Timely Tale ~

A frenzy of madness,

Perhaps masking a sadness,

As they rushed about my head.

I lay in the darkness,

Aware of the starkness,

Of the room that held the bed.


“Where am I?” I’d asked,

Of the girls in their masks,

Although they’d appeared not to hear.

They unplugged my tubes,

Then imparted sad news,

To those that I hold so dear.


The tears came so fast,

Now that I’ve passed,

It was “Such a shock to all”

Least not to me as I’d choked on my tea,

Thats the very last thing I recall.


The day it had started so wonderfully…

We’d had a major windfall.

Thousands of pounds had entered our bank.

We planned how we’d spend it all.


I find it abhorrent,

It signed my death warrant!

Greed is a dreadful thing.

You see, I’d poisoned his tea,

So it would all go to me.

Only fate had stepped in the way…


I chose the wrong cup,

And as I’d had a sup,

I realised too late my mistake.

For I’d left the poison out on the side,

And now he must know what I’d done?

Cos’ he gave me a smile as he watched me choke,

And slowly finished his bun…


I’ll come back and haunt him


What a rotten trick to play.

To give ME the cup I’d intended for HIM.

It was supposed to be HIS final day!


He’d fritter the money on stupid things

Speed boat, race horse, racing car?

What she’d seen in him, she just didn’t know

It really was quite bizarre

He’d acted so dumb, made out he was daft

And now the old bugger, he’d got the last laugh!


Well she’d make sure that HE didn’t sleep anymore.

She’d bump on the ceiling and bang on the floor,

She’d drive him half crazy,

He’d beg to be poor.

And when he rejoined her, at some future date,

She thought to herself… “I’ll be waiting mate!”


Daydream Believer

Crawling into bed

To stare into the night

Eyes squeezed tight

To block out the light

Ears tuned out

To block out the sound

But you can’t stop those dreams

From coming around

Turn and toss

Flail with your arms

Murmur and twitch

Try to stay calm

As I reach out beside you

Stroking your hair

Hoping your dream self

Still knows that I care



My Piano lessons started sweet

Soon reading music by the sheet 

With an iPad app showing the way 

Cool songs I soon began to play 

Until it all came to a halt

It’s actually John Lennons fault

His song “Imagine” I just can’t do 

I’ve tried and tried it wont go through

The other songs were easy stuff 

But not this one it’s really tough

Now the only “Imagine” I can see 

Is the keyboard flying from my balcony