The Element Of Surprise

The duplicitous smile 

The fake concern

Over time the lessons learned

 From the little things you said and did

Whilst blaming others like a kid

I’ve known for ever just what you are 

But snakes like you they slither quite far

And up the ladder you crawled and slimed 

With Your poisonous tongue and your twisted mind 

Forever looking for muck to rake 

Didn’t anyone else see 

You were just a fake?

The lies you’ve told behind my back

And to my face deserved a slap!

But oh so polite I’ve let it go…

Until this moment

Now I’ll let you know

Cos, lucky so far you’ve been, till now

But next time I see you, you horrible cow

Looking my way with your big nosy snout

Feigning  a friendship that long since ran out

In order to garner more fuel for your lies

My patience may snap when your gaze meets my eyes

Cos I’m sick of pretending to like those I despise

So I’m not going to do it anymore



The invisible woman

The invisible woman goes out everyday

She knows she’s invisible because of the way,

The larger than life go about their day

Not seeing their behaviour, the crude things they shout,

The smoking of skunk in the street like a lout

As any of her business,

so she grows in self doubt

The invisible woman has a Facebook account,

She posts things online, though she no longer pouts!

The community skims and scans and lies

But they don’t press like and another part dies

The invisible woman got hit by a car!

It’s ok don’t worry it wasn’t that hard

The driver was angry he shouted and swore

How dare she delay him

He called her a whore.

she knew deep down that it wasn’t right

But she didn’t confront him,

He’d given her a fright

The invisible woman thanked god for her life,

Although she was old now and didn’t walk fast

Her mind skipped and raced

As she remembered her past

The friendships she’d,

Made the laughs that she shared

The troubles she’d heard,

The way that that she’d cared

She used to be out there!

larger than life!

Her recent invisibility cut sharp like a knife,

Deep into her heart and tore through her soul

It made her depressed it made her feel old

There’s no happy ending for this mournful tale

Of the invisible woman who disappeared for real,

But if you should see her maybe smile and say hi,

See if it brings back the light to her eyes

Remember also as you skip on your way,

The cloak of invisibility could be all yours one day