The Ignorance Of Youth

Don’t parents teach manners anymore?
Is it really such a bore?
I know it’s such a British thing,
To apologise for everything,
Especially if it’s not our fault.
It used to make us worth our salt.
But lately a new unpleasant trend,
Is to go the extra mile to offend,
Walking down pavements four abreast,
Like some weird kind of youth protest.
Bumping and jostling,
Without a care as if made of invisible air.
With not even a glance your way,
Let alone a sorry to say,
I don’t like it one little bit and aim to avoid those ignorant twits.
Who like the sound of their own voices, think they’re the only ones with choices.
I’m tempted to put them straight one day,
But luckily wasn’t brought up that way.


Bang Bang, You’re Dead!

Two men shout BANG and London cowers

Shoppers flee,

Locked down for hours.

Tube stations closed

And left in silence.

Everyone running, fearing violence.

Remembering what has gone before,

In this universal, lone wolf war.


Regular, horrifying news reports,

Show innocents maimed and killed for sport,

At the whim of home-grown terrorists,

Who do not like to fight with fists,

They use trucks and bombs and machete swords,

Whilst chanting their poisonous rhetoric words.


Manchester wept for its innocents killed,

“Don’t look back in anger”

The message they trilled.

Londoners stood strong,

They’ve been here before.

Terrorists beat a path to their door.

Parisians held vigils for those who had perished,

Each and every victim was cherished.


And each and every time we hear,

That we must unite and not live in fear!

But when two men shout BANG and a whole city cowered,

It just serves to show how we’ve been disempowered.

Click here to read the “Oxford Street Panic” news report

Falter Ego

The body waxing became quite taxing, and more than a bit of a bore

Apparently to be famous now you have to do this and more,

With their youthful demeanor their lives couldn’t be cleaner

At least that’s what I’d like to think

But the gossip pages show a different side when they have a bit to drink

You know the  cost of fame is your privacy, you can not have it both ways

The  PR machine has ground to a halt. It doesn’t exist these days

So these young guys and gals go out with their pals

To do what the young people do…

The very next day we’re reading the news, about who did what to who!

It’s so undignified, I’d rather they lied, It wasn’t like that in the past

And the superstars of my earlier  years retained a bit of class

To emulate a celebrity now, you can aspire to be a slob

Do they not care or aren’t they aware that responsibility’s part of the job!

To portray yourself nicely  wouldn’t be too dicey,  I think that it would pay off

They could walk down the street with heads held high instead of telling their fans to “EFF OFF”!

They make their money out of the youth who clamour to be just like them

Is it too much to ask, for them to grasp, the idea that as a STAR

The life you portray to the fans of today doesn’t have to be who you are

Justin Bieber snubs Australian fan Daily Mail Online

Definition of Falter Ego as used by the Author

©Cjm 2017