Falter Ego

The body waxing became quite taxing, and more than a bit of a bore

Apparently to be famous now you have to do this and more,

With their youthful demeanor their lives couldn’t be cleaner

At least that’s what I’d like to think

But the gossip pages show a different side when they have a bit to drink

You know the  cost of fame is your privacy, you can not have it both ways

The  PR machine has ground to a halt. It doesn’t exist these days

So these young guys and gals go out with their pals

To do what the young people do…

The very next day we’re reading the news, about who did what to who!

It’s so undignified, I’d rather they lied, It wasn’t like that in the past

And the superstars of my earlier  years retained a bit of class

To emulate a celebrity now, you can aspire to be a slob

Do they not care or aren’t they aware that responsibility’s part of the job!

To portray yourself nicely  wouldn’t be too dicey,  I think that it would pay off

They could walk down the street with heads held high instead of telling their fans to “EFF OFF”!

They make their money out of the youth who clamour to be just like them

Is it too much to ask, for them to grasp, the idea that as a STAR

The life you portray to the fans of today doesn’t have to be who you are

Justin Bieber snubs Australian fan Daily Mail Online

Definition of Falter Ego as used by the Author

©Cjm 2017


Proper Gander!

There was quite a barrage for Nigel Farage, when May, Corbyn and the rest

Took to the House of Commons and declared him a national pest

Although he’d been on a high for most of July with his life’s ambition fulfilled

Some voting Remain, just found him a pain and secretly wished he’d been killed

But British values and our sense of fair play meant that this was frowned upon

So they all got together to clear the air and decide upon what could be done


That Farage would seek to help them out was never ever concurred

But he had a friend who lived overseas whose ideas were considered absurd

He wanted to run for presidency of a Country that allowed such a thing

So he tapped into Americas consciousness by being a little right-wing

Some American folk saw him as a joke but others saw him as a chance

To say how they felt they were being ignored, they decided to take a stance


Now news of this guy had started to fly to the four corners of the globe

His name reached the ear of the men who leaked fear and distortion throughout the net

They made if their mission to fix the election by placing a dirty bet

By rigging the news and distorting the views of those who they thought would listen

They did anything they possibly could to enhance Big Dons position

When the votes came in they’d all known he would win

They’d gambled without contrition


Now with Trump in charge our Nigel Farage threw his hat into the ring

Ambassador to United States could be his next big thing

Back home in Blighty the great and the mighty they met once again to discuss

That Nigel Farage, Now he’s such a joke, No need for our earlier fuss

But across the border a New world order was reaping the spoils of a war

That had taken place surreptitiously and had yet fully to come to the fore

Assassination attempt  claim by Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage “close advisor”  role to Trump

Russian DNC hacker    linked to Trump loyalist

Definition of Proper Gander  as used by the Author,

   All expressed views and opinions are my own and not linked in anyway to any political party,   ©Cjm 2017