The damned

My outlet has become an inlet

The thoughts that once poured out,

Spilling from me,

Freely flowing,

Unhindered by censure,

Now reduced to a slow internal, drip! drip! drip!

My conscious stream gone…

Manipulated and shaped into a damn,

And the only words I can hear are echoes,

And each original thought takes on the same form…

And the only words

I can hear

Are echoes…



Drowning, crowning, misery,

Swallow me whole, consume me,

Woken from sleep just to agonise,

Force pin prick emotion behind blurred eyes,

And my every thought you’ve demonised,

Twisted my mind with wicked lies,

My indecisiveness you’ve capitalised,

Harnessed a state of no compromise,

Now these boxed up feelings are liberalised,

Labelled paranoid thoughts, or extra wise.


Girl power!

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

I’ve got to sort this hair out,

It’s lately grew and grew,

Now chin and legs are crying out for taming,

Like the shrew?

The trouble is I’m not doing it,

To make myself feel better,

If I had my way I’d let it stay,

My armpits don’t feel wetter,


The hair I plucked from my top lip,

Re-grew bristly and fierce,

Luckily I don’t yet have this problem with my ears!

My legs feel softer with fine hair,

Not cold and goose-bumpy,

And before you ask, yes I do,

But just for little old me!


Now If I were a catwalk model,

Or a dancer you might see,

If you’d payed a lot of money to come and ogle me,

Then yes feel free to comment on what’s before your eyes,

But us ordinary women are not your bonus prize!

We’ll pluck and trim just as we please,

Won’t buy into these lies,

That to be a perfect woman you’d better have hair free thighs!


So if by chance you catch a glimpse of armpit hair or worse…

Don’t be scared, be not afraid,

It’s not an actual curse!

Just look away, don’t comment,

We’ve no need to empathise,

Continue the search for your airbrushed daydream…

Perhaps she’ll Sympathize

Girl power

Girl power