The Town Cryer

I hear it calling on the air
An eerie howling call to share
The shining moon that beckons forth
Triggers my salivating jaws
Hence to the sacred place I bound
My pumping heart the only sound
This Hallow’s eve I’m going to kill
The taste of blood gives me a thrill
As I feast on unsuspecting pray
Captured by the beasts of day
And brought to the sacred hill for me
To partake of the vicious ceremony
I’ll gorge until the urge subsides
Till all that’s left of human kind
Is stained within the sacred hill
It must be done It’s evils will
Before day breaks I’ll be long gone
Back to the human form I don
I’ll join in the search for the missing man
The unfortunate sacrificial lamb
We know full well he’ll not be found
Me and the elders of the town
Already seeking our next pray
More sacrifice for sacred clay


Slippery slope

Who will care amidst my despair
I cast this thought upon the air
A social network made to share
Just serves to make me more aware
Of friendships neglected beyond repair

Of no one to turn to with a heart that bears
A burden so heavy
It breaks and it tears
And all the while we pose and preen accepting good wishes
For living the dream

But for some it is truly not all it appears
I’ve lived through a nightmare
Cried so many tears
My Friends couldn’t help
They had no idea
The fabric of life now mottled with holes
The end game has changed
Along with its goals

Take care of those close
The ones you can touch
For the social network is merely a crutch
To show support for things you don’t do
Or sorrow for people you never even knew
Whilst crossing the street to avoid those you once did
Shows just how far down the slope we’ve all slid

Road to recovery

Things I don’t do anymore
Don’t stay awake till gone past four
Don’t check my rings on Apple Watch
Don’t tighten my belt another notch
Don’t weigh myself morning and night
Don’t check to see if I’m a sight
Don’t stop myself on route to fridge
Don’t wear the clothes I know won’t fit
Don’t fuss so much about my hair
Don’t worry if people stop and stare
Don’t censor all my thoughts inside
Don’t tell anyone that I still cry
Don’t watch TV when I can’t sleep
Don’t make a plan that I won’t keep
Don’t know if I’m bored or is this cured
Don’t think about it anymore
Don’t stay awake till gone past four