The words don’t come, I’ve been struck dumb, like a mummer or a mime.

My mind is active with thoughts protracted that take up all my time,

If they emerge amidst a surge, the future could change forever.

So I bite my tongue, sing songs and hum and hold these thoughts together.


Marry in haste… a trio of limericks

There was a vain chap from the city
Who thought he was ever so pretty
But he married a wife
Who gave him such strife
His hair disappeared
What a pity

There once was an old man from Hale

Whose marriage was destined to fail

He fell for her looks

But she spent all his bucks

On make-up and painting her nails

A man once married a shrew
Who kept telling him what to do
Till one day she went missing
And soon he was kissing
A lady who came from Peru

The kiss

How happily they float,

Two bears in a boat,

They looked like they’d just come to life,

Rowing along the river bank,

After going out for a drive,


“She looks so pretty,

She’s ever so witty”.

He’d thought,

When she’d first caught his eye.

Now he’d asked her to lunch,

And she looked pleased as punch.

She’d made them a picnic surprise,


She’d shown it to him,

It was filled to the brim,

Packed full of smaller filled bowls,

He’d looked with delight,

Upon his favourite sight,

A helping of fresh sausage rolls.


His favourite thing,

How it made his heart sing,

That she’d known just what to provide.

She’d not noticed him sigh,

 as she’d cast to the sky

a few of the prized sausage rolls


But feeding the ducks,

with those rather strange clucks

The big brown one had made,

That she’d said, “were so cute”,

He’d soon followed suit,

And before very long,

They’d all gone!



Now as he’d stroked the hair,

Of the the prettiest bear.

Who’d made his soul come alive. 

 He’d gazed at her fondly.

He known that on this day,

He’d ask her if she’d be his wife!


With love in the air,

They’d made a fine pair,

When he’d asked her if she “would be his”

She’d had nothing to say,

But they’d made the boat sway,

As she’d answered him with a kiss.

An animated inspiration for the kiss https://projectme1st.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/lazy-days/