Love handles

Pancakes for supper,

Chocolates for breakfast,

Nothing for dinner,

But it’s just a short rest!

Cinema at three,

Popcorns fat free?

Washed down with a soda,

And shared pack of sweets.

Then home for supper.

A Valentines feast!

Remembered the veggies?

Huge Steak and wedges!

What’s for pudding?

You’ve got to be kidding!


Sounds like love

Ohh Macfee how can it be you’ve spent the evening fast asleep?

I’ll bet that you’ll wake up at four and be full of those beans once more!

But I’ll be tired and out of sync cos your epic snoring ensures I wont sleep a wink…

And you’ll see the poems I wrote in the night and blame them for my slumber less plight,

I expect I’ll just smile and sweetly agree (cos your my snuggly, snorey Macfee)!

Please know deep down my heart brims with joy, you’ll always be my number 1 boy💕

I’m sure I’m not perfect in a million years, but together we’re perfect (I’ll just block my ears)

Creating ambiance

The lampshade hung down,

It was shaped like a crown

And the band round the bottom looked ugly!

Its more handsome brother,

Both gifts from my mother,

Sat perfectly made on the table.
We’d opened their boxes on Christmas Day…

They resembled jigsaws so we put them away!

Till summoning the courage to piece them together,

We did the first one and felt rather clever!
We quickly moved on to shade number two

Mcfee led the way, he knew what to do!

It appeared a bit odd and not at all simple,

But there weren’t clear instructions,

Just numbers and Symbols.
Finally, the last slat was slotted,

Attached to the fitting

Then soon re-allotted,

Cos it seemed a lot larger than how I’d recalled,

And left where it was, Mcfee would go bald…

Bizarrely it skimmed his head as he passed

So we had a rethink and moved it fast!
In its new place, we looked up and stared

Our honest opinions were probably not aired,

Until the next day

When a brain wave  occurred

whilst surveying the shade that looked so absurd…
The frames on the outside and it’s upside down

There’s no blooming way I’d of asked for a crown!

It should look like this…

I admit I gloated… not like that,

All short and bloated”!
And sure enough the webpage showed,

The remembered design, oh how it flowed,

A beautiful creation of diffused light,

Guaranteed to create an ambiance just right!
Now once more re-hung,

In its new pride of place,

Its glow reveals a smug look on my face

Whilst a harassed, slightly weary brow,

Is Mcfees chosen look… for now!