Chub rub

I’m so fat

I’ve burst my britches”

Thighs worn thin

Too late for stitches


Could I get away with patches

The positioning is what the catch is

For they could scream out “I’m a fat b!tch”

Who should have layed off that extra sandwich


I’d only had them a couple of months

Nice slim fit, covered my bumps

Seems now my bumps are bursting free

Whispering “Hey guys look at me”


Perhaps I’ll have to get some slacks

The kind you buy in multi packs

And pray my thighs never again do this

Whilst I’m out shopping and didn’t notice

Until that North wind blew its cold kiss

Revealing too late

I’m showing my “aris”


Chocks Away

Regular readers may have seen my recent post Projection describing the joy Macfee and myself felt watching the Festival of light, hosted by our local shopping mall, we stumbled upon it by accident and were truly thrilled.

Whilst there we discovered Chinese New Year celebrations would be held at the same location this coming Sunday and that was going to be our next “day out”, however whilst browsing the local news on-line this morning, I discovered the city’s eagerly anticipated Cultural Quarter consisting of art and creativity zones had finally, after much delay, got its opening “extravaganza”

Now I DO like art and creativity, but I have to be in a certain frame of mind to go and enjoy someone else’s and would much prefer a quieter time too peruse than a “Grand Opening” would allow…. but the article mentioned a Spitfire would be on display in the Guildhall Square so off we trotted.

We’ve been lucky enough to have seen Spitfire in flight a few times over the Solent, due to the aircrafts connection to our local region, but never have we seen one close up.

The sound they make is like no other aircraft and on a recent trip to the Isle of Wight it was the noise of the whining engine that drew our attention skywards, just in time to catch a glimpse of the iconic plane above. Practising manoeuvres for a forthcoming display we assumed.

The one in the Guildhall  Square was a lot smaller close up than I’d anticipated and I can only imagine the huge amount of Courage  our Battle of Britain pilots must have possessed, sitting in the tiny cockpit, knowing so many of their comrades had perished.

We spent a good half an hour or so taking photos and Macfee got chatting to some one at the railings. The guys hosting the event were all ex-servicemen, so a trip down memory lane was inevitable and very enlightening.

It is easy to get caught up in sentiment about long passed  wars with long buried heroes, but today the men I observed had all served time during more recent conflicts (The Falklands and The Gulf War) and they had all their own particular stories of camaraderie and Courage to share.

I left them to it for a while so they could offload without restriction, (it’s good to see men sharing their emotions) and took some more pictures.



Todays post includes the daily word prompt:Courage

Be prepared

Breakfast in bed can seem doubly indulgent,

When you made it yourself,

Then crept back under the sheets to feast,

Alarm clock ignored on the shelf,

Or is it a sign of misery, self sabotage or worse…

That you’d rather hide under the duvet,

Composing lines of verse!

Well I can tell you from my point of view,

That I love to snuggle in bed,

In fact some of the happiest times I’ve spent,

Have involved peanut butter and bread!

I’m not depressed I just want a rest!

Before I begin my day,

‘Cos once It gets going,

There’s no way of knowing,

What dramas might come my way!