It’s enough to be alive

Don’t expect “perfect” to survive

You can hide the scars you want to hide

Pick a slogan, chant with pride

Push back the ugly words and thoughts

Forget the dreams of midnight taunts

Wake to live another day

Don’t care so much what others say

It’s enough to be alive

But it’s a choice to grow and thrive


Trivial pursuits

So I found myself and kicked my ass

This feeling crap will surely pass

A happy thought will swing my way

I’ll hold it close till end of day

A box of treasured thoughts I have

I only need unhook the latch

And wallow deep in happy times

Counting past the midnight chimes

The damned

My outlet has become an inlet

The thoughts that once poured out,

Spilling from me,

Freely flowing,

Unhindered by censure,

Now reduced to a slow internal, drip! drip! drip!

My conscious stream gone…

Manipulated and shaped into a damn,

And the only words I can hear are echoes,

And each original thought takes on the same form…

And the only words

I can hear

Are echoes…