Ear worm

No words today

My mojos gone away

I’ve thought and thought all day

I’ve nothing left to say


No words today

My mind it just wont play

It only lets me say

I have no words today


No words today

Is just stuck on repeat

To a tune that sounds so sweet

I’ll just admit defeat


No words today

And in my bed I lay

With thoughts of  old style milk floats

To finish of my day





Fade To Grey

Nothing lasts forever

The good times 

Or the bad 

So keep on moving forward  

or you’ll send yourself quite mad


Whilst riding the crest of a wave

Prepare to land with a bump

And whilst plumbing the depths of despair 

Try not to turn into a grump

For life moves on and then we’re gone 

So whilst we’re here enjoy it 

Spread good cheer amongst those you hold dear 

You’ll find they’ll love you for it


The aim of my rhyme is to reach out 

And give a virtual hug 

To those of you not doing so great

As well as those feeling smug 


For life is a constant journey 

And the travellers we’ll meet on the way

Will stitch colour back into the fabric of life

And can stop it from fading to grey 



The taxidermist
Told me he’d fix it
To look like Tiddles was eating a biscuit
But I didn’t like the sound of that
For my dearly departed pussy cat
And when I mentioned he’d been quite plump
“The price goes up the bigger the rump”
So I told him to stuff it
Just not too much
More a discreetly padded touch
But I wasn’t so sure about those eyes
They didn’t appear to be the same size
And surely the colour should have been the same
As the beautiful boy in his photo frame
Now instead of the comfort I though it would bring
It gives me the horrors the creepy thing
I don’t think he cared
Was just after my cash
So I’m off to get Tiddles turned into ash