Rude awakening

Hypnotic eyes bore into me

willing me to wake and see

from the bedroom door

 he makes it plain

he wants me now he’ll go insane 


I hold him close  urge him to hush

full of sleep I’m in no rush

He moves in closer

breathes me in

licks his lips certain to win.


His mouth emits a throaty cry

I stroke his neck let out a sigh

my eyes still heavy

needing sleep

still he urges me my promise to keep


Afterwards he’ll need his space

disappear to wash his face

I’ll be ignored until next time

there’ll be another mournful rhyme

yet again I’ll grant his wish

and put more cat food in his dish


Road to recovery

Things I don’t do anymore
Don’t stay awake till gone past four
Don’t check my rings on Apple Watch
Don’t tighten my belt another notch
Don’t weigh myself morning and night
Don’t check to see if I’m a sight
Don’t stop myself on route to fridge
Don’t wear the clothes I know won’t fit
Don’t fuss so much about my hair
Don’t worry if people stop and stare
Don’t censor all my thoughts inside
Don’t tell anyone that I still cry
Don’t watch TV when I can’t sleep
Don’t make a plan that I won’t keep
Don’t know if I’m bored or is this cured
Don’t think about it anymore
Don’t stay awake till gone past four